Reimagining architecture in Colombia.

  • Research
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand system
  • Brand design
  • Brand universe
  • Brand purpose

Introduction to Escalar Veinte18

Escalar Veinte18 is the new boutique office of Escalar: one of the most emblematic and exclusive construction companies in Colombia.

Philosophy of Escalar Veinte18

A fresh perspective on understanding architecture

Today, life in cities is challenging, which is why Escalar Veinte18 develops architectural projects that are honest with people and the city

Realizing Dreams and Improving Lives

A new brand purpose

It materializes individual and collective dreams of people, improving their quality of life.

Timeless, Modular, Elegant Brand Creation

We created a timeless, modular, elegant, and modern brand based on a graphic system.

Versatile Visual Universe

A versatile visual universe…that adapts to each environment where it exists.

Highlighting Human Life in Architecture

Exploring architecture from the macro to the micro level.

We aimed to highlight…the human life behind them, emphasizing the details.