Bimbo soluciones.

Teaching the flavors of the world.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Design
  • Packaging

Culinary Exploration

Bimbo not only gives us opportunities to travel but has also helped introduce new cultures through its culinary offerings

Product Variety and Cultural Influence


With Tortillinas, we began to know the delicious preparations of Mexican food… and with Pita Pocket… the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern preparations.

Pita Pocket.

With Pita Pocket, we began to discover Mediterranean and Middle Eastern preparations. We realized that pita bread is not just assembled but also filled, making them perfect to enjoy with homemade hummus


Figatza is the ready-to-bake pizza base that brings us closer to Italian cuisine in just moments.

Brand Unification Challenge

We had to work with one of Bimbo’s most successful product lines… The objective was clear: to evolve the brand assets and align them transversely.

Unity on the line

We focused on unifying typographic styles, selecting fonts that allowed us to be versatile in layout and text placement. We established a grid for all packaging with the aim of improving findability at the point of sale. We enhanced color palettes by increasing the saturation of the existing colors. Logos were unified, resulting in a cohesive family with a defined style and marked personality.



Felipe Pizano