Co-creating the world of beautycare.

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Introduction to Prebel. A refreshed brand.

We had the great fortune of working with Prebel: the largest cosmetics and personal care company in Colombia and one of the largest in the world.

B2B Branding Strategy

We discovered that today, B2B brands often use a serious, unfamiliar language that doesn’t resonate with real people.

Beyond Product Manufacturing

That’s why we created a brand that goes beyond merely manufacturing products or being a product or service provider.

Brand Essence: Integration

We found that Prebel, in its essence, is about integration

Revitalizing the Brand

We gave new life to a flexible, fluid, modern, global, innovative, and human brand.

Brand Universe Focused on Integration

The entire brand universe is centered around the concept of integration.

Symbolism of Union and Fluidity

We based our design on the union created when two drops or different liquids come together.

Versatile Color Palette

We created a versatile color palette that allows the brand to easily move between office territories and the real life of its end consumers.

Blending B2C and B2B Worlds

A brand that blends the best of the B2C world with the trust and authority that a B2B brand must be able to generate.