Pilsen Callao´ s Heritage

Celebrating our Chalaca heritage

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¡Chim Pum Callao!

Since 1863, Pilsen Callao beer has brought friends together around a table. It is the brand that promotes keeping Peruvian friendship alive

Special Edition for Callao’s Anniversary

For this special can edition, we wanted to celebrate the brand’s anniversary by showcasing the best of Callao: the city where it was born.

Design Considerations for Limited Edition

For this limited edition, we had to consider the iconic assets of the brand, such as the greens, the crown, and the symbols of excellence

Reinterpreting Cultural Icons

We reinterpreted various icons, such as the salsa music heard throughout the city and different architectural symbols.

Building a Celebration of Friendship

It was the perfect opportunity to build a celebration in the territory of the brand’s friendship.