Fecoldrus Rebranding

Wheel chair Rugby, much more than a sport.

  • Research
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand system
  • Brand redesign
  • Motion design
  • Brand assets

Empathy and Understanding: The Core of the Project

Right from the outset, empathy was the guiding principle. Engaging in sessions, workshops, and activities with the federation team, we delved deep into the essence of wheelchair rugby. It quickly became apparent that the sport was more than just a game; it was a symbol of self-improvement, resilience, and personal transformation. The athletes, grappling with complex neck injuries and diverse backgrounds, sought to be recognized not for their disabilities but for their resilient and combative spirit. Wheelchair rugby rekindled their zest for life, bestowing upon them independence, internal fortitude, and a sense of belonging to something greater.
Wheelchair rugby stands as a beacon of overcoming challenges and a rebirth of life. The mission was clear: to render the impossible possible. This sport focuses on transformation, not just physically but also emotionally, offering a fresh perspective and purpose to those affected by injury, thereby altering their lives and the lives of their families.

Changing the Perception of the Sport

FECOLDRUS aimed to shift the perception of wheelchair rugby, positioning it as a high-performance sport. What was required was a robust and emotionally resonant brand identity that mirrored the values and spirit of the players.
Our analysis of traditional rugby revealed that rugby brands, unlike those in other sports, are often built as independent teams, each with its unique identity – examples include Australia’s Wallabies or New Zealand’s All Blacks. Inspired by this insight, we aimed to integrate these concepts to forge a brand in tune with the athletes’ expectations and the sport’s ethos.

The Spectacled Bear: The Guardian of the Páramos

The spectacled bear, an iconic dweller of the South American páramos, stands as a symbol of life and ecological balance. This guardian of nature, famed for spreading seeds and fostering the ecosystem’s regeneration, is notable for its resilience and adaptability amidst harsh terrains. It serves as a barometer of life; where spectacled bears thrive, so does the páramo.
Its nobility is as profound as its strength. A powerful yet contemplative animal, the spectacled bear is known for its peaceful demeanor and respect for its marked territory. This species has never been linked to fatal attacks on humans, highlighting its measured temperament and emotional intelligence.
Embodying the perfect blend of physical and mental fortitude, the spectacled bear symbolizes balanced strength and perseverance. Its very existence is vital to its habitat’s survival and stands as a testament to life itself.


The FECOLDRUS case demonstrates the impact of a well-crafted branding strategy. This rebranding not only transformed the federation’s image but also enriched the lives of its members and the community it supports. Through this endeavor, FECOLDRUS has not only altered the global perception of wheelchair rugby but also redefined its significance for players and supporters, marking it as a journey of strength, inspiration, and national pride.
From our first meeting, it was evident that this project was transformative, not just for the federation but for our team as well. We take immense pride in being part of this pivotal change that begins today.