Demente aguardientería

Colombia is Demente

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Here, everyone is a neighbor.

Hola, veci, chao amigo.

Hello neighbor, goodbye friend. Demente Aguardientería, a bar restaurant that gathers all those nostalgic flavors that remind us daily that this country is Demente. Here, we don’t celebrate famous English cocktails, unpronounceable dishes of high European cuisine, or Asian street food. We celebrate our local heritage: the aguardiente from our regions, the corn used in iconic dishes like arepas and empanadas, and above all, the dishes that are part of our collective memory, regardless of economic class, race, or age.

Celebrating culture and popular graphics.

Here we drink aguardiente.

Demente Aguardientería is a journey through all the popular and graphic icons of Colombia that remind us of our unpretentious true essence.”

A neighborhood restaurant where you eat what is eaten in the neighborhood.

Arepas, corn, chicharrón, empanadas, and a little extra.

Demente is local, authentic, and inclusive.

We need more De-Mente restaurants.

Resocialization, support for the countryside and neighbors.

Demente represents the Colombia of opportunities.

A journey through an entire country among aguardientes.

How we are

Demente is a car trip with family or friends.