Club Premium.

A beer that fills you with pride.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Packaging
  • Trade Marketing
  • Innovation


Club Premium is one of the most historic and traditional brands in Ecuador.

The Unique Legacy of Club Premium

The legacy of Club Premium is unique… A beer that makes an entire country feel proud.

Evolving Concept of Premiumness

The concept of premiumness has changed over time… What was once expressed as luxurious and ostentatious is now simple, direct, and honest.

Educating Consumers on Beer Culture

It was specially designed to start educating people about beer culture.

Maintaining the Brand’s Proud Legacy

Club Premium hopes to continue the legacy of being the beer that makes Ecuadorians proud.

Market Position in Ecuador

No. 1

The number one brand in equity in Ecuador

Second half.

Double malt launch.




Agencia creativa



Felipe Pizano